Knister Grill Shop

Finally, the new Kniste Grill is available again! All the products will be delivered earliest in the beginning of August. Until then, have fun!

Knister Original

  • Extendable for BBQ fun with up to 10 people
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Two-zones stainless steel grill for direkt and indirekt grilling
  • Perfekt Grill for vegetables and meat
  • Fits all handlebars
  • Bike attachment included
  • Made in Germany

Knister Small

110,00   €90,00
  • Small version of the Knister Grill
  • Extendable
  • Dishwasherproof
  • Perfect grill for vegetables and meat
  • Fits all handlebars
  • Bike attachment included
  • Made in Germany

4x Knister Kohle

  • Readymade solution for easy and sustainable grilling
  • Charcoal and grill-ignighter in one
  • 1 pack (ca. 1kg lumpwood charcoal)= Perfect amount for 1x grilling with the Knister Original
  • 100% without paraffines or chemical grill lighters
  • Wonderful glow after 20 minutes
  • No packaging waste - package is the grill lighter
  • Fits perfectly in every Knister Grill

Knister Premium

  • Completely out of V4A stainless steel
  • Perfect for sailing
  • Fits many balcony bars or rails
  • Completely dishwasher proof
  • Super high quality for long lifetime
  • Available in August/September


All you need to know about the Knister Grill. Here you find an overview of all the cool features:

Transport Knister by bike

 The Knister Grill fits all common handlebars. The time is over when you balanced kettle grills on the the rack of your bike in a dangerous way. 

Store food and charcoal inside the grill during the ride

No need for carrying coal, food or all the other things you need for a BBQ. Just put everything inside the Knister Grill and let's go!

Extend it to double its size

Extend Knister to a larger grill size. Leave the BBQ small if you aregrilling with 2-3 friends. Extend itwhen you have a BBQ with 8-9 friends. Knister fits to everysituation - no matter how big thegroup is. During the transport bybike, the two sliders are heldtogether by the stainless steel grill.

Sustainable and easy to clean

Put the grill into the dishwasher. The rest of the BBQ is just out of flat surfaces. So no hidden corners or screws that are difficult to clean. The premium model is completely out or stainless steel and is 100% dishwasher proof.

How does the transport by bike work?

Every Knister Grill has a separate handlebar attachment. This consists of two hooks and a sliding plate including 2 thumbscrews. Hang the hooks to the handlebar and move the plate until it has the ideal distance to the bike. Tighten the thumbscrews on the sliding plate firmly! Now you can simply slide-in the Knister Grill from above onto the attachment. The grill should hang safely and horizontally on the handlebars. The attachment is not permanent and can be removed from the bike within seconds. There are no tools necessary.

Does the Grill fir to my bike?

Yes! We developed the ideal, non-permanent attachment, so it fits all standard handlebars. Depending on the handlebar, you may have to push your bell or your speedometer a bit to the side. If Knister really does not fit on your bike, you will get your money back immediately. If you have already screwed something to your handlebars (eg. child seat or basket), obviously you can not hang the Knister Gril to your bike in addition.

Don't grill during you ride the bike!

Please do not grill while riding the bike! You participate in the traffic and it is very dangerous to ride around with 800 ° C hot coals on the bike paths of the city. So: Pack your Knister Grill full of coal and food, drive to the lake, unhook it from the handlebars and then start heating it up. Depending on how your bicycle handlebar look like, the grill can also come in contact with plastic brake cables. Logically, these will melt when you use your grill while riding.

How can I extend my Knister Grill?

Leave the Knister Grill small when you grill with 2 or 3 friends and pull it apart when you're in a larger group. The Knister Grill fits perfectly to any situation and offers space for grilled food for up to 9 people. When fully extended, the grill area is 49x23cm large. In the unextended version it’s 28x23cm. Flip the legs aoround so stands on its botton, then extend it like a drawer. For safety reasons, you can’t pull the Knister Grill apart in the air.

The perfect grill

Our grill is divided into two zones: One is perfect for meat and the other is optimized for vegetables and smaller grilled food. So, nothing will fall through the grill grate anymore. When you transport the Knister grill, the two lie over each other, so that the grill is closed and nothing can fall or fly out!

Knister charcoal

Lighting a barbecue has never been so easy - without any grill lighter, paraffin or spirit! 100% sustainable! How does it work? Open the bag - Pour the charcoal into the grill - Fold the package 2x - Roll it up - Put the roll in the grill and charcoal around it - Light the roll on the wick - Wait 20 minutes – Let’s grill!

Clean it in the dishwasher

Clean your Knister in the dishwasher. The two grates are made of V2A stainless steel and the legs are made of conventional stainless steel. The entire grill can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. If desired, the wooden handles should be unscrewed in advance. However, the handles are made of larch and still look good after many years.