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Knister Grill Montage Zeichnung Fahrradhalterung
Knister Grill bauteile zeichnung


We want to solve all problems around grilling in the city. You can carry your new crackle grill both comfortably as well as a basket, as well as relaxed with your bike. When pushed together, the grill body is 40x26x16 cm (LBH) in size. The crackle body is 62x26x26 cm tall. The distance to the ground is always 18cm.

Knister Grill Original Abmessung

Bicycle mount

Knister Grill Befestigung am Fahrrad anleitung
Knister Grill Fahrradhalterung freistehend
Knister Grill halterung2

Just screw the supplied bike mount together and hang it on the bike. Then you can simply hang any crackling grill – et voila!

If you don't need your crackle, you can simply remove the bike mount. Nothing is screwed or permanently fastened here.

The fact that nothing scratches, we provide you with self-adhesive upholstery. You can attach these to the fastening accordingly.


Please do not grill while driving!

Please do not grill while driving! You take part in the road traffic and it is logically very dangerous to ride over the city's cycle paths with 800°C hot coals. So: Pack your crackle grill full of grilled goods, drive to the lake, hang it down from the handlebars and then it starts to heat up. Depending on what your bike handlebars look like, the grill can also come into contact with brake cables. These logically melt when you use your grill while driving.


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