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Knister Grill – transportable by bike

Knister makes barbecuing in your city as easy as possible! All transport problems are solved. Just hang your new Knister grill on the handlebar of your bike and cycle to a beautiful park, lake or river.

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Knister Grill Premium am Fahrrad

Fits every bicycle handlebar

Transport the grill easily with your bike. Use our included bike holder for this. Fits 99% of all bikes! The assembly is very easy and you don’t need any tools.


There’s more people today? Just pull the crackle apart to double its size and grill with up to 8 friends. For smaller grill events, just leave the Knister Grill in a small state.

More Features
Knister Grill premium rendering auseinander gezogen
Knister Grill premium rendering auseinander gezogen


Grille mit bis zu 8 Personen. Ziehe dafür einfach den Knister Grill auf die doppelte Größe aus.

Design meets sustainability

High-quality material, well thought-out design and short delivery routes. We wanted to create a grill that you don’t have to replace every 5 years. All Knister products are manufactured in Germany and Poland. Our entire supply chain is completely plastic-free.

Knister Grill in der Hand
knister grill am fahrad

Assembly and mounting on the bicycle

Der Aufbau des Grills und die Montage am Fahrrad ist Kinderleicht – in wenigen The construction of the grill and the assembly on the bicycle is child’s play – in a few minutes you are ready to go!

Knister Grill in der Hand

Design trifft Nachhaltigkeit

Hochwertiges Material, durchdachtes Design und kurze Lieferwege. Wir wollten einen Grill schafen, den du nicht alle 5 Jahre ersetzen musst.

knister Grill plancha platte

Montage und Anbringung am Fahrrad

Der Aufbau des Grills und die Montage am Fahrrad ist Kinderleicht – in wenigen Minuten bist du startklar!

Burger grilling on Knister Grill

Accessories for your Knister Grill

Whether grill skewer or burger plate – we supply you with the right accessories for your grill. There are no limits to your imagination.

Still not convinced?

We had a barbecue at the Tegernsee with 9 degrees in summer to introduce you to all the features of our Knister grill. Have fun!

Videoproduktion von Magnanima Film.

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