About Us

The story behind

How everything started

We first got the idea for Knister, which still had a dumber name back then, when we met in Denmark and became close friends and neighbours.
Caro was doing an Erasmus semester in Industrial Design at the SDU in Odense and Justus just started his masters degree in International Marketing.

When Justus first saw Caro's portfolio website, he was immediatly amazed by her very early built of a bike mountable barbecue which she designed 2 yeas ago. Back in that time, it was still mounted onto the back of the bike and was too solid and inflexible.
Because we both love biking, lived in a huge city before and getting out into nature with friends, we decided to make her idea reality and developed it further. A little while later, we won a startup competition called start-up weekend in Odense, together with two other friends.
The success of our idea made us decide to start planning for a kickstarter campaign in early summer this year. We are extremely exited about this and thankful for your support of our idea!


Who is the barbecue master??


CEO, Productdesign, Marketing

Hi! My name is Carolin Kunert and I am the founder of Knister Grill. I studied Industrial Design at the University of applied science in Munich and at the SDU in Odense, Denmark. For Knister, I’m responsible for the daily management, distribution and marketing activities. Besides that, I am responsible for the product design.


CTO, Product development

Hi, my name is Bernd Taphorn and I studied engineering in Hannover. Since my bachelor degree in 2016, I'm working for a big German consumer electronics company in the product development area. Parallel, I'm responsible for the serial production and technical solutions of the Knister Grills. Caro and I know each other since many years now. We first met in our hometown in northern Germany. Since then, we always worked together on ideas and love to prototype.



Hi, my name is Bhavani Kommana, graduated in Computer Science from India, and post graduated in MBA(Finance). Have close to 20 years experience in various industries as well IT (SAP) Sales and Business Development. At Knister Grill, I'm responsible for the Financial Accounting, Sales and Business Development(global markets). I first met the Knister Grill team in February 2018 at Entrepreneurship event. Since then, I am mentoring and advising Knister team.


Finance, Strategy

Hi, my name is Eva Trimborn and I am studying economics in my master degree. For Knister, I'm responsible for the financial planing. We know each other since high school. 


Marketing, Sales, Distribution

Hi, my name is Thy and I studied economics in Munich and Finnland. Caro and I know each other since we are 6 years old. For Knister Grill, I support Caro with the operating, daily tasks. 


Looking for motivated people!

You want to be part of a young, successful Start-up? You love barbecue? You wanna change something, are ambitious and see the results of your work? Then Knister is the place to be for you! We are currently looking for a Co-Founder in the area of distribution and finance. Knister also offers internships in marketing - but every qualification is needed. Apply now and create with us the new BBQ- and Lifestyle brand! Send us your application to info@knister-grill.com. Here you find more about our jobs. Looking forward to you!


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