Our Philosophy

The revolution in the consumer goods industry!
We burn for these promises:

Local production

Short transport routes and job security in Germany and Europe are important to us.
Our grill consists of stainless steel parts from Regensburg.
The production of the grill body takes place in Poland, the final assembly in Munich.
The wooden grips made of larch wood are produced in Munich by a production plant and a carpenter.

Mann und Frau mit Fahrrad und Knister Grill am Gärtnerplatz

Ecological sustainability

Our grill is fully recyclable.
We are 98% plastic-free throughout the entire supply and production chain.
All components of the grill can be replaced.
We avoid long transport distances and thus protect the environment.
Our grill impresses with its timeless design and is recyclable.

Best Quality

We have very high quality standards for our product.
The robust construction gives our grill stability and value.
Each part of the grill is completely finished and makes the grill a compact miracle.

Knister grill auseinander gezogen


We see longevity and high-quality workmanship as our fundamental responsibility.
Our grill is made for an excellent grilling experience over many years.
We make cycling in urban areas even more attractive.
Our product counteracts the waste load caused by disposable barbecues.
Any waste produced can simply be taken back to the barbecue.


Our supply chain and processes are transparent.
We want open and honest communication.
We make no secret of where our materials come from and where our grill is produced.