The Knister Team

Who is the grill professional here?

Carolin Kunert Gründerin knister grill

Carolin Kunert

Founder & CEO

Hi! My name is Carolin Kunert and I am the founder of Knister. I studied industrial design at Munich University of Applied Sciences and Syddansk University. While still studying in Denmark, I founded Knister Grill in winter 2017. At Knister Grill I lead the product development and am responsible for sales and PR. Write me an e-mail and get in touch with us
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steven miller knister grill

Steven Miller

Head of Marketing

Hi! My name is Steven and I lead the marketing at Knister. I studied business law – but then it quickly moved me into marketing! For example, I worked as a freelancer for a long time and am also active at the Munich Marketing Academy, where I lead seminars and workshops. Then I met Caro and decided to support you in her vision. You reach me by Mail:st
[email protected]

johanna amann profilbild

Johanna Amann

Head of Product Development

Hi, I'm Johanna. As an industrial designer, I work for Knister in the field of product development and manufacturing. It's great to be part of such a motivated and diverse team and to be able to shape this company with them. Please write me an e-mail if you would like to give feedback on our products.
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hans peter berger profilbild

Hans-Peter Berger

Sales Manager Germany

Hello everyone! I am Hans-Peter and I lead the sales department together with Caro. In addition to my 30 years of sales experience, my greatest passion is grilling and cooking. After hundreds of barbecues and cooking classes, which I organized on a large scale, my know-how and contacts in the field of BBQ is huge. When I grilled the crackle for the first time, I was extremely enthusiastic about the quality of the grill and also the grill result – small but really oho! 
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Tifani Resch

Office Management

Hello. My name is Tifani and I am responsible for administration, customer support and office management. 

theresa sitter profilbild

Theresa Sitter

Sales Assistant

Servus! I am Theresa and I support Caro and Hans-Peter in sales.  I am studying business administration at LMU in my bachelor's degree. For the first time I "got to know" and tried the Knister Grill with friends on the Isar. The grill and the concept convinced me. Weeks later, I jokingly met the founder at a hockey tournament. 

Ludwig Fischer

Sales Bavaria

Hi, my name is Ludwig Fischer and I am responsible for sales in Bavaria. I have been an independent retailer of kitchen and gift items for years. I got to know Knister at Ambiente in Frankfurt. At Knister I am mainly fascinated by the great workmanship and the very local production. 
[email protected]

Ralph Winter

Sales Switzerland

Hi, my name is Ralph Winter and I am responsible for sales in Switzerland. I have been self-employed in Basel for years and have almost endless experience in sales. I discovered crackles by chance via Instagram and was immediately thrilled. Then i've equipped my whole family with the Cracker Grill – just a must-have for all outdoor lovers! Ralp
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David Menk

Sales Hessen, NRW, Saarland

Hello everyone! My name is David and I am responsible for sales in NRW and Hesse. I bring years of experience in the fields of home&living, kitchen, furniture and design. I met Caro and Steven at the Spoga in Cologne and was immediately enthusiastic about the product
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Fancy an up-and-coming startup?

You fancy a young, up-and-coming start-up, want to help shape it and love it at barbecues? You really want to make a difference and see the results of your work? Then you're right at Knister! We are looking for motivated employees and co-founders in many areas – i.e. any department can be useful! Apply and make crackling with us the new barbecue and lifestyle brand! Write us an application to [email protected] and learn more about our jobs here.
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The story behind Knister Grill

Starting alone as a woman in the barbecue industry?

Exactly! Founder Caro had the idea of a transportable grill exactly 2 years ago. That this led to the creation of a company, however, was pure coincidence: a good friend had to give away a card from the "Startup Weekend Odense". Caro took part, pitched her idea and won the competition. Here is the development in pictures:

The founder Carolin had the desire to develop a barbecue that can be transported by bicycle since her youth. Growing up in the middle of Munich's city centre, it has always been difficult to go barbecue at the Isar. However, the idea for Knister Grill only arose much later in Denmark. The former founding team consisting of Justus and Caro had just moved to Denmark and got to know each other in the student dormitory, became neighbours and later very good friends. Caro started a semester abroad in Odense in the summer of 2017 and studied industrial design at the SDU.

When Justus saw an early prototype of a portable grill from 2016 on Caro's portfolio website in the winter of 2017, he was immediately thrilled. At that time, the grill was still mounted on the luggage rack, very heavy and inflexible. Both love cycling and are always cycling anyway. In addition, both have already lived in major cities around the world and have known the barbecue problem for a long time.

Caro was randomly given a card to the Odense Startup Weekend and took part in it. At this competition in November 2017, the concept of Knister Grill was further developed. The team convinced the jury, won the competition and the starting shot for the crackle had been fired. At the beginning of the year, the founder moved back to Munich. Unfortunately, due to the geographical distance, the former founding team gradually disbanded.

Still, Caro continued to pursue the goal of launching a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2018 and began preparing it. In February 2018, Caro built the first prototype itself and started looking for manufacturers. Many friends and family members helped with marketing campaigns and product development. Many more prototypes followed until the end The Kickstarter campaign started in May 2018 and the first series of Knister Grills was shipped in August. Between the first prototype and the first series production there were less than 5 months.

In October 2018, the further development of the new, improved series started. "In the first series production of the Knister Grills, we learned a lot about this. With the help of our Kickstarter customers, we have developed the product enormously and small problems have been eliminated," says founder Carolin. The new series "Knister 2019" is available since the end of February 2019. In March, the first two accessories were finally added to the range: the Knister Plancha plate and the grill skewers. In the long term, Knister will become the new brand for urban outdoor products. "We are developing innovative products that make it easier to get out of the city into nature," says Carolin.

Steven has been a founding member of the Knister team since spring 2019.