Thanks for your amazing support on Kickstarter!!!

After our crowdfunding success, you can preorder the new Knister Grill here. Our own onlineshop will be online in a few days.

Want to have a BBQ in the city?

Knister has the perfect solution for you

Attach it to your bike!

Knister Grill can be easily attached to all common bike handlebars. Stop carrying your barbecue uncomfortable under your arm or in dangerous constructs on your bike. 


Instead of buying an endless amount of one way barbecues, save that money and and the environment. It can easily be taken apart and is dishwater proof. Knister is made in Poland and Germany. That short distance guarantees good quality and is environmentally friendly.

Store your food and coal

What do you need for an awesome BBQ? In your new Knister you can store everything inside -coal, food, napkins or ketchup. No more complicated backpack storage.


You can extend the Knister Grill to the double size if you have a BBQ with 6-8 friends. Then, you have a giant grill size for a comfortable BBQ. Leave it small when its just you and a few friends and don't waste coal.

You love biking?

Knister has the perfect solution for you

How to transport it by bike

It is pretty easy to attach Knister to your handlebars. Simply hook the attachment to your handlebars and then let the grill slide in. Everything is non-permanent and you don't need tools to fix it to your bike.

Fits to all common handlebars

Knister fits to all common handlebars. No matter if you have a mountain,- city,- or racing bike. Once the attachment is adjusted for your bike, you can hook it in a few seconds without any tools to your bike.

Don't grill during you ride the bike

Please don't grill during you ride your bike. Obviously, it's pretty dangerous to ride around with a 800°C hot BBQ in front of your bike. You are cycling on public ways, so please respect the safety of others. In addition to that, depending on your bike, a hot grill might touch cables of your bike - they will melt. So, pack your Knister Grill with all the things you need at home, ride to the park, and then start grilling.

You love having a BBQ with many friends?

Knister is extendible and offers space for up to 10 people.

Extend it to the double size

If you have a BBQ with a bigger group, Knister can be extended. No matter with how many friends you want to grill, Knister is fitting to every situation and feeds up to 10 people. In the completely extended version the grill size is 49x24cm big, in the unextended situation it's 28x23cm.

The perfect grill

The grill has two zones which are optimized for meat and small food. Bacon, zucchini and cherry tomatoes will never fall through the grill again.

Prototype today - Kickstarter in May - Delivery in July

We are so proud to present to you the Knister Grill. After several months of hard work we believe that we have built the perfect product for all the people out there that we love. The people who live in big cities and don't have the space for a conventional barbecue. The people who love taking their bike wherever they go and all the people who love sustainability without giving up quality. Knister Grill is super portable and attaches to all common bike handles. That way you can quickly take it wherever you want and since you can even transport things inside it, there is not even the need for a heavy backpack. We think that socialising with friends over a good steak or some amazing grilled veggies and a cold beer has never been easier and more accessible.

Knister grill extended version BBQ for bike city
Knister grill BBQ transportable bike

You love spending time in the nature?

The best BBQ you can have in a city! The best BBQ you can have in the nature! With Knister you have nothing to worry about. Just grab your bike and ride to your favorite lake, river, coast, park or countryside.