Knister Grill - Transport your BBQ by bike

KNISTER is the first extendible charcoal grill that you can transport by bike. Simply hook it to the handlebars of your bike and ride to your favourite spot. When you arrive to your destination, simply open the grill and then you can also extend it to the double size.

Transport the Knister by bike

The Knister Grill fits all common handlebars. The time is over when you balanced kettle grills on the the rack of your bike in a dangerous way. 

Transport coal and food inside

No need for carrying coal, food or all the other things you need for a BBQ. Just put everything inside the Knister Grill and let's go!

Extend it to double its size

Extend Knister to a larger grill size. Leave the BBQ small if you are grilling with 2-3 friends. Extend it when you have a BBQ with 8-9 friends. Knister fits to every situation - no matter how big the group is. During the transport by bike, the two sliders are held together by the stainless steel grill.

Sustainable & easy to clean
Put the grill into the dishwasher. The rest of the BBQ is just out of flat surfaces. So no hidden corners or screws that are difficult to clean. The premium model is completely out or stainless steel and is 100% dishwasher proof.

Knister Grill 2.0

New Series of 2019

Knister Grill 2018

Delivery after 3 days


That's our first series of the Knister Grill from 2018. After the successful Kickstarter campaign in summer 2018, this product is now in stock and immediately available.

Knister Grill 2019

Delivery in February


This is our second series of the Knister Grill coming in February 2019. Right now, we are testing the new prototypes, improve them and just started the new serial production. The Grill has several improvements when it comes to material and coating. The handles/legs turn more smoothly around and the general handling is more comfortable. Besides that, the new Knister Grill fits to the cool accessories which will come in spring too.

Knister Grill Video

Here you find all the necessary information about the Knister Grill in a short video.

What is the problem?

You know it : Whether on the Isar in Munich or at the beach in California  - Barbecuing is always a stressful to organize: All the equipment like coal, food, plates, ketchup and of course the grill, must be transported somehow. And if you want to go by bike, its even more difficult. In addition, the grill area is often too small for a larger group and eating at the same time is difficult. The courgettes slip through the grate and vegetarians want their own "corner". Cleaning the grill afterwards is also a dirty matter. Does that sound familiar? It's time to change that!

You want to have a BBQ with many friends?

No problem! The Knister Grill can be extended to a larger grill size.

How does the bike transport work?

Hook the Knister Grill to the front of your handlebars. With two thumbscrews, you can arrange the ideal distance for the Knister Grill to hang firmly and securely on your handlebars. The attachment is not permanent and can be removed from the bike within seconds.

Fits to all common handlebars

We spent a lot of time developing the ideal, non-permanent attachment, so that it fits all standard handlebars. If Knister really does not fit on your bike, we will make a suitable hook for you for free or you will get your money back.

Don't grill during you ride the bike!

Please do not grill while riding the bike! You participate in the traffic and it is very dangerous to ride around with 800 ° C hot coals on the bike paths of the city. So: Pack your Knister Grill full of coal and food, drive to the lake, unhook it from the handlebars and then start heating it up. Depending on how your bicycle handlebar look like, the grill can also come in contact with plastic brake cables. Logically, these will melt when you use your grill while riding.

You love biking?

Hook the Knister Grill to the handlebars of your bike and let's go!

Extendable grill size?

Yes! Knister Grill is extendable. Leave it small when you grill with 2 or 3 friends and extend it when you're in a larger group. The Knister Grill always fits perfectly to every situation and offers space for up to 9 people. Whenit is extended, the grill area is 49x23cm . In the small version it is 28x23cm.

The perfect grill rust

Our grill is divided into two zones: One is perfect for meat and the other is optimized for vegetables and smaller food. Nothing will ever fall through the grill anymore!

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Knister Grill ausienandergezogen technische Daten

Our mission

We want to make it as easy as possible to have a convenient BBQ in the city. Existing solutions are not satisfying enough and do not solve all the problems around a BBQ. We are going to change that!

Enjoy a uncomplicated BBQ with friends

Put all the things you need inside the Knister Grill, hook it to your handlebars and just enjoy!